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Good looking man in his 50s, greying at the temples, genial and self-deprecating.


Something's Rotten in Frisco (City Threat)


  • SHADOW OF A DOUBT (Trouble)


Wants to achieve power, wealth, and immortality by any means necessary



  • Alertness +2
  • Athletics +2 (+4, +6 sprinting)
  • Conviction +4
  • Craftsmanship +3
  • Deceit +5 (+7 incorporating truth)
  • Discipline +4
  • Empathy +3
  • Endurance +2
  • Intimidation +2
  • Investigation +2
  • Lore +6 (+7 research demons)
  • Presence +3
  • Rapport +3
  • Resources +5
  • Scholarship +4

Others default to Average (+1).


  • High Quality Workspace (Resources)
  • Honest Lies (Deceit)
  • Occultist: Demons (Lore)

Gideon's Powers

  • Evocation (Air, Spirit, Fire) -3
  • Thaumaturgy -3
  • The Sight -1
  • Soulgaze 0
  • Refinement -6
  • Sponsored Magic (Hellfire) -2
  • Sponsered Magic (Kemmlerian Necromancy) -2
  • Spent Refresh: -20

Azazel's Powers

  • Supernatural Sense -1: See in the dark
  • True Shapeshifting -4: +4 to Deceit and Stealth
  • Wings -1
  • Supernatural Speed -4: Always first for initiative, Athletics checks +2 (+4 for sprinting), move two zones without -1 penalty
  • Mythic Recovery -6: Recover from all physical consequences before the beginning of the next scene, never need to sleep, clear a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action thrice a conflict
  • Mythic Toughness -6: Armor:3 against physical stress, six additional physical stress boxes
  • The Catch (Holy Stuff) +2
  • Spent Refresh: -20



  • Air Power +2
  • Spirit Control +1
  • Spirit Power +1


  • Crafting Frequency +1
  • Crafting Strength +1
  • Diabolism Complexity +2
  • Necromancy Complexity +1 (+2)
  • Necromancy Control +3 (+4)
  • Psychomancy Complexity +2

Focus Items

  • Silver SS ring (+2 offensive air control and power) (4 slots)

Enchanted Items

  • Protective Eye of Horus Amulet (Epic (+7) block against attacks or Armor:3, twice a session)
  • Tattoo of angel on his back (Mythic (+9) block on any attempt to detect his diabolical influences, twice a session) (3 slots)


Name Type Cost Effect Notes
Palpatine Lightning Air+ Offensive Attack 2 Weapon:10 physical attack on a single target requires ring
Flaying Winds Air+ Offensive Attack 1 Weapon:7 physical attack on a zone requires ring
Taste of Death Spirit+ Offensive Attack 3 Weapon:6 mental attack on a zone
Electrical Travel Air Defensive Sprint 1 six zones of movement through electrical lines
Spell Flaying Air Offensive Counterspell 1 counters a spell of up to Epic (+8) power requires ring
Decay Shield Air Defensive Block 3 Fantastic (+6) block against physical attacks for three exchanges

+ Necromantic and hellfire-boosted.

All of his rotes require his focus ring.


  • Physical: 3+6, Armor:3
  • Mental: 4
  • Social: 4
  • Moderate Mental Consequence: Shaken
  • Severe Mental Consequence: Flashbacks
  • Extreme Mental Consequence: Shadow of a Doubt
  • Free Tag: Pushed to the Back of My Mind


He always goes first and has Great (+4) defense and magical attacks. With his ring he can channel Legendary (+8) power (+1 if hurting someone) with +6 control using necromantic hellfire-infused air. He usually doesn't wear his ring when he's not doing evil, so he is only bringing Superb (+5) power with +1 control using spirit, but likes that it gets people to underestimate him. He is also capable of diabolism, necromancy, and psychomancy at the speed and methods of evocation.


He owns a Fantastic (+6) arcane library specializing in Diabolism, two Good (+3) arcane sanctums, and one Superb (+5) one. He lives in a chateauesque mansion in Pacific Heights. 68 years old (looks 50).


Gideon was born Helge Potthast in 1942 to Heinrich Himmler and his mistress, former secretary Hedwig Potthast. His sister, Nanette Dorothea Potthast, is two years younger. After the war, in the summer of 1945, their mother took advantage of Himmler's connections in the Lebensborn program to relocate to a maternity home in Oslo, Norway. Eventually, she married a man named Edward Kindle in 1948, bears him a son (Edward Jr) in 1949, and they moved to the United States in 1953. All paperwork in the States lists Kindle as their father and his first name as Gideon (after Edward's father), while his sister became Dorothy.

As a child, he has a fascination with the Nazis and popular theories about Nazi occultism lead him into an interest in the occult. Managing to acquire a common ritual at the age of 18, he bargains with a demon (Belial) for magical ability. The White Council notices his newly-acquired ability and brings him into the fold, apprenticed under Master Sung with Arthur Englund. Shortly after, in 1961, Kemmler is brought down for the last time. Stories of his past exploits are easy to come by and he spends a lot of time researching him. By the 70s, he is a full member of the White Council and takes on Robin Wheeler as his first apprentice. He learns Kemmlerian necromancy using books acquired from the Winchester House, which he had his family's company purchase in 1980 so that he could search for the hidden wine cellar and its private entrance to the demense. His attempts to enact the Darkhallow ritual end in 1985 when the group of young diabolists he's been manipulating try it and fail. He abandons the Kemmlerian approach and instead researches other paths to power, eventually coming full circle to diabolic means and the Blackened Denarii.

Kindle Investment Group

His father was a wealthy industrialist in Norway who made a small fortune during the second world war as part of the Nazi war effort. After the war, his marriage to a woman associated with Lebensborn and his own Nazi ties led to him selling his factories and taking his wealth with him to the United States. He invested his considerable wealth in new silicon transistor technology and a number of Stanford-based technology start-ups in the 1950s, resulting in the family acquiring a massive fortune. Edward Sr died in 1979 and Edward Jr took over the operation of the family business. Gideon consented to this and was happy instead to spearhead the family's considerable philanthropic enterprises. Currently, KIG owns shares of most major high-tech firms in Silicon Valley. Edward Jr lives in Sunnyvale with his family.

Sea Cliff House

This small but well-positioned home overlooking the Golden Gate belonged to Hedwig "Hedy" Kindle, who lived there until her death in 1981 (at age 69) with daughter Dorothy. One of his arcane sanctum is in the basement, which has a convenient access to the shore under the Golden Gate Bridge, where currents allow for easy disposal of bodies. Any questionable activities he engages in are performed here.


He was born again to Rowan on April 30, 2011 but was baptized at the moment of birth by Daisy, purging his demonic blood and Rowan's ability to influence him. Rowan abandons the baby in Golden Gate Park where it is picked up by a homeless woman who lost her child.

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